Christine Gonzalez Licensed Psychotherapist

Lighthouse In The Storm


Most of us know what it's like to worry and stress now and then over the many issues in our lives, and in our world. Some of you, however, are experiencing constant discomfort with anxiety, worry, stress, muscle tension, nsomnia, etc.  Often you've even tried medication to reduce the anxiety just to find that it helps only for a while. There is hope!

For many of you, medication is designed to help you manage feelings that you are finding difficult to manage along. But medication is only a temporary bandaid. It's not meant to be a solution. Let's talk about SOLUTIONS! Let's talk about learning the skills that will FINALLY bring you success in managing and reducing anxiety, stress, worry, and the rest.

CALL ME TODAY! I'm confident that you will begin to find relief almost immediately. I've helped many many clients finally find relief and success in managing worried thoughts, reducing panic attacks, improving sleep, and many other anxiety issues. We will explore every avenue to find the tools you need to start feeling better again.

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